A graphic novel inspired by an illustrated 17th century travel dairy written by the Dutch explorer Jasper Danckaerts, Breuckelen: 1679, reinterprets the journal using contemporary , highly accessible story telling, and suggests a way of viewing history as fluid, personal, and continually relevant.

The adaptation focuses on Danckaert’s interactions with the indigenous Najack people who introduce the explorer to new foods and animals, and who also make clear to him that their homeland was changing through European influence and migration.

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Artist and Artifact: Re | Visioning Brooklyn’s Past was organized and presented by BRIC, Rotunda Gallery and the Brooklyn Historical Society to investigate how contemporary artists would creatively respond to the borough's rich history. Ten artists out of hundreds were selected to take part in the project. Each had access to the institution's collections for inspiration. The challenge for the artists was not to create work that was just an impulse to delve into history, but to constructively engage with the past as a means of creatively thinking about present-day issues.