A good friend and super talented illustrator Kim Sielbeck visited my Senior/Junior Studio classes. The students were inspired by Kim's talk and variety of projects she undertakes as a professional.


A fellow teacher at LUCAD, Tim Finn, curated a comic show that included an original Klaus Janson drawing. Klaus was my thesis advisor at SVA. He was one of the best teachers I've ever had. Klaus was very generous with his time, advising me on a career and showing me all kinds of techniques in cartooning. 





I was recently hired by Lesley University College of Art and Design in Cambridge Massachusetts as an Assistant Professor.

I was an Adjunct Professor for three years at Queens College and School of Visual Arts and enjoyed my time in the classroom so much that I had been wanting a full-time position for sometime now. I feel fortunate to have been hired, as these positions are rare, and I get to teach Illustration and Comics! The University has just completed a brand new arts facility. I can't wait to start this coming fall. Check out the photos below.


Hi there! Welcome to my new and improved website. Make sure to visit the store and all the fancy new slideshows. Thanks to the multi-talented artist Kelly Fernandez for the help!